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CBD oil has properties that help treat anxiety. [Image by TheDigitalArtist/Pixaba]

Anxiety has risen to an epidemic proportion, especially among teens and young adults. There are many ways to tame this many-headed monster including creating a healthy routine, exercising daily, getting off social media, and spending time with family and friends. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has emerged as an effective natural way to relieve anxiety.

Anxiety: A Modern Epidemic

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. But, for some, it can be so severe that starts to interfere with their daily lives. They do not feel like waking up and dealing with the day. This excessive fear, nervousness, and worry stops them from accomplishing anything.  Moreover, anxiety takes a toll on their physical health as well. 

In the U.S., there has been a spike in anxiety. A survey by the American Psychiatric Association found that almost 40 percent of Americans were more anxious in 2018 than the year before. With so many people unable to cope up with anxiety, it has become critical to find an effective treatment for this condition.

There are several natural remedies available for dealing with anxiety, but CBD oil stands out because of its anxiolytic properties. It has a similar effect to anti-anxiety medications but it does not have any weird side-effects.    

Research Proves CBD Oil Relieves Anxiety

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CBD is derived from the hemp plant which does not contain a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As a result, it does not have the mind-altering effects as marijuana.  According to a World Health Organization (WHO), “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

There is good evidence to support the claim that CBD helps ease anxiety.  A report titled “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders” published in 2015 in the Neurotherapeutics journal noted that preclinical, clinical, and epidemiological studies had proven that CBD is effective in reducing anxiety behaviors related to multiple disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD), and more. 

Also, in a 2011 study which involved a dozen people — some with SAD — who had to speak in front of a large audience, researchers found that the subjects who took CBD were “significantly” less anxious compared to those who had taken a placebo. In a recent survey, Mashable noted that 33 percent of people preferred using CBD oil to relieve anxiety.

How Does CBD Oil Provide Relief From Anxiety?

The human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a crucial role in regulating several biological processes including mood. The ECS consists of several receptors spread across the body including the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Since CBD is a cannabinoid, it interacts with these receptors to help reduce anxiety.

When you ingest CBD, it takes nearly an hour to feel the relaxing effects. However, on an empty stomach, the effect will kick in much quicker.

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil is usually diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. CBD oil usually undergoes a heating process called decarboxylation, which allows it to interact with the endocannabinoid system easily.   


CBD oil won’t get you high. It is a natural therapy that is safe for both kids and adults. However, it is essential to determine the right dosage for you. If you are in doubt or have an existing medical condition, it is best to consult your physician before using CBD oil.